Can Music and Lyrics Help Us Understand our ‘Mental Illness?’ And In Turn: Help us Deal?

Here is a link to some of the songs that inspire me everyday:

Hello Again,

Hello again,

Here is a Start to my next best blog:

I am going to do a piece on artists and their lyrics and how they can help a person who is suffering from a mental illness such as “bipolar 2” which, I have been diagnosed with for 8 years.

I will start with a few of my favourite artists and songs and if I can figure out how to add a song or two I may also add that into this piece. For now here is my 6 favourite artists and songs they sing that help me get through my days:

"Read all about it"
“Read all about it” “Most Inspiring song, Simply amazing Lyrics”
"Stay" "California King Bed" "Unfaithful"
“Stay” “California King Bed” “Unfaithful” “Very well thought out and worded lyrics”
"Happy Endings"
“Happy Endings” “I have yet to find a song more inspired and geared towards how I feel on a daily basis” “Absolutely love his voice and lyrics”
"Bleeding Love" "Happy" "Better In Time"
“Bleeding Love”
“Better In Time” “My Favourite singer and song writer to this date” “Always beautiful lyrics and as well a beautiful voice”
"Wide Awake" "Roar"
“Wide Awake”
“Roar” “I love how she can just come out and say how it is through her music #inspiring”
“Skyscraper” “She over came her fear and her bully’s and wrote this song to let them all know ‘she really was going to rise’ ‘Like a Skyscraper'” “I love her courageous”

So here I go again on another rant that I have been thinking about for a few days now. I am always listening to music and it makes me feel good and so one day I wonder “why does music and lyrics and certain artists make me feel so much better?” Even on a sad or not so good day I can throw on any one of these artists or songs above and instantly start to feel a little better. Some days “A LOT” better and others just a little. But don’t you think if something this simple can make you feel even a little better that you would try it? I think so.

So Here is why I think that music is a very good “medication” for someone with a mental illness or any other illness that is causing you to feel “low” or “depressed” or “confused.” Music is a natural way to help cure an “annoying” ” non-stop thinking” brain. Music allows the brain to focus on something other then your own thoughts. It allows you to leave you thoughts behind and follow along with someone elses thoughts, feelings, stories ect. In turn this creates a few things that I believe are helpful:

  • I believe it creates serotonin- which makes you feel good
  • I believe it gives your mind a break or rest from a “busy-to full of info” brain
  • I believe if you find songs you can relate to and sing along to you will listen to the lyrics and learn that it is okay to be they way you are and it is okay to express it. You don’t have to be scared if your illness
  • I believe it creates role models and when you have role models you have someone and or something to look up to or forward to
  • Getting up in the morning and throwing on a song you love can just make your morning that much better
  • I truly believe that music is an AMAZING medication for anyone who has some sort of mental illness, autoimmune, cancer ect.
  • Music is an amazing ‘Drug” it can make anyone feel good if they let it

I hope this short blog was inspiring and will help anyone who is looking for an easy remedy and quick feel good medication.

Thanks for listening,

Until Next Time,


Dori ❤


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