Chapter.3: “The Calm before the Storm” Chapter.4: “And it builds…”

"The Storm"

“The Storm”

Chapter 3:”The Calm Before the Storm”


“I’m wide awake,” Kaleigh thought Sunday morning. She rolled over and looked at her alarm clock. 5:00am. “Really?” she groaned. It was Sunday morning. Her only morning she got to sleep in this week. And of course she was awake. “Why can’t I sleep more then 5 hours a night?” She thought to herself. So, she decided might as  well just get up as. She knew she wouldn’t fall back asleep.

She quietly slipped out of bed and grabbed her stack of clothes she always had ready as she didn’t want to wake her “soundly asleep,” sister. Who she felt bad for, at times, because she could never get enough sleep. Tarah, her twin,had troubles falling asleep as well as staying asleep. She couldn’t sleep with any light or noise and also woke to any small noises. It was hard for her to watch this  and it didn’t help  that she could fall asleep instantly and sleep all night or at least 5 hours and have endless energy. She never really understood why they differed this way. But that’s just how things were.



Okay, Kaleigh, ” what are you going to do now?” she thought. “Help your dad make omlete for everyone?” I guess so, she grudgingly walked out of her room into the : ‘Bright Light.’

Chapter 4: “And it builds…”

After it got light enough out Kaleigh decided she had enough time to go for at least an hour jog before her and her dad would start to make breakfast as her sisters would not be up for another 2 hours. It was Sunday after all.

They had all just finished there last week of exams. They were all exhausted and needed the sleep.

Tarah and Kaleigh, especially, as they had  soccer provincial’s for school soccer coming up this following weekend and we were Graduating. There was pictures to be taken, ceremonies to be had and much more. They had awards banquets which they had applied for many bursaries and scholarships throughout the grade 12 year. Kaleigh and Tarah were both nervous and excited to see which awards they  would get. Kaleigh was really nervous as her grades were 3% under her sisters and a lot of other classmates.

Her grade, was particularly smart with an average of 98% for the top 5 academics. Kaleigh followed with a 95, but did not make the cut. It was hard, as Tarah and my other 2 best friends both made it. Kaleigh was worried they would win everything and she would be left with nothing but a daunting student loan.

However, the next few days passed at school. Mostly just going to class to be there and watch movies. Was this really necessary? The teachers just had to be there to get extra assignments and stuff.

The year was pretty much over except for the awards for us graduating students. We got all our pictures done for the ceremonies. Of course she had a major cut and scar above her left eye from a volleyball injury that happened a week before when we were away for volleyball finals.

“Oh god, I totally forgot about that black eye.” Kaleigh thought as she was walking in to get her photos taken. It had just dawned on her when the photographer asked, “you want us to photo shop that little bruise and scar out dear?” As it was showing up ‘clear as day,’ in his photos. With all the right lighting and what not.

He touched up the little make up that she did wear and did the best he could to hide it . However, she knew that was a losing battle as it was in its “hay day!” . Bright and purple and out there for everyone to bug me about. As of course: they all thought she had been in a fight because its volleyball. Its not even a contact sport. Well that’s what Kaliegh thought as well, until last Sunday happened.

She had collided head to head with another girl on my team. Owee, now let me tell you, that was probably the worst injury she had ever gotten in a sport, non contact or not. My head was bleeding for hours after that. Pretty sure she had a slight concussion. But did that make her stop playing. Of course not. Kaleigh was the “first setter,” she couldn’t not play the final game for 3rd place.

Of course she just got it wrapped and said she was fine. However after winning that and the next few days later Kaleigh felt like a wreck and was a little groggy. She wrote that off to studying to much and being stressed as well.Could this have been the reasons she was extra stressed about math? Hmm.. This was something Kaligh had never really put into the mix before.

So the last few days of school went on. And those feelings as well as the bruise faded away. It was graduation day. Everything was good. It was finally here and then…

The “Storm” began again…




To be Continued… ( Chapter 5 to come shortly:”The Storm”)

Until Next Time,


Dori ❤


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