“Keeping it Real Healthy” Part.1 : How to get back to Where you want to be.

_MG_7424-29da79bf66dc70507613b5f44fbe0b9b3Enjoying the sun536601_362153473831530_1268468572_nHello Friends,

Sorry I did not get to chat with you yesterday as I was super busy. It has been an eventful week to say the least. So much going on. But I have not forgotten. I am still here  and still as knowledgeable as ever. Still wanting and enjoying everything I have read and learned about recently. Tonight, I am going to share with you a little about my diet and how I have been cooking and eating lately. As well as some new supplements I just got brought down from the states that I am very excited about. So to start off lets talk a little bit about what I have changed in the past 8 weeks.

I have currently stopped medications and started on some vitamins and supplements. I have wrote in previous posts a list of stuff I have been trying so I will try and go into a little bit more detail as to why I am taking certain things and what they can benefit you if you to suffer from some of or any of these symptoms.

Okay, so my favourite new thing that I am taking which I have tried in the past. My mother has always been adamant that I take this: COCONUT OIL. It is truly an amazing oil and or product. You can use it for so many things. I eat up to 3 tablespoons a day if I can. It is a very thick oil and some days I have to get it in other ways as eating it to start is a little tough. But I  will eventually get up to that many tablespoons a day. I cook with it as an everyday oil in a lot if not all my meals. I drink coconut milk and also put it in my coffees, teas etc.. You can use it as a lotion on your body or face it will make your skin feel amazing I promise. It is a little expensive but so important. If you are looking for a cheap way to get coconut oil I recommend getting it from Costco. They have a big jar of it and it is pretty good. I like to get my every day cooking coconut oil from them but as well I get MCT coconut oil for my coffee, water, drinks etc.. I also get an extra virgin coconut oil for a little more flavour as well as a lot thicker of an oil. It is really amazing if you like the “coconutty” flavour. This Is an AMAZING product, you need to try it if you have not already. It can only improve so many things in your diet and health. The fat from coconut oil registers in your body as something your brain needs. So it will NOT make you FAT!I Promise. It will get recognized so fast as a fat that your brain needs to function better, to function more clearly, to just help wherever it is needed or wherever your are deficient in your brain. It will go straight to your brain and feed it an amazing supply of : Smartness”  if you will work with me on this definition. I can’t explain this as well as a doctor or PhD. So as always do your own research. But, I promise you once again you will love this product!!!! 🙂  It has no side effects as it is just a really good natural organic oil.imagesP70A931F

So the other Amazing supplement I have been taking daily and or before as many meals as I can which is bound to help your digestion and in turn help you lose weight, help you get your gut back to where you want it, help your acid reflux, help your digestion problem and pretty much just everything in its path that it can help, it will. It is super cheap and an amazing supplement to add to your diet and it has been around for 100s of years. What might this product be you ask? Well let me tell you , and you will be so surprised. But all it is, is Apple Cider Vinegar. Take this every morning with a little bit of water.(1tesaspoon apple cider to 4 ounces of water ish). If you can drink it straight that works as well. All this will do is improve your digestion. Organic is better but any apple cider will help. As always don’t start taking anything you feel uncomfortable taking when you are already on a regime of drugs. Talk to your doctors first. As always I am no doctor or PhD, I speak from my opinions, thoughts and what I read.apple%20cider%20vinegar-01

Okay so those are the two easiest and safest way to make a slight change in anyones diet. They don’t only help patients with what I have but will help anyone and everyones daily routines and diets. They will increase so many things in your brain and body that you didn’t even know possible. I noticed a huge difference after 2 weeks. I lost 15 pounds in 2 months. So I am not saying that will be the case for everyone. It takes longer for some peoples digestion to get back to a healthy place. So be patient. But It will not hurt you to try either of these two things. They are both very safe and easy to eat and drink.

Okay so here we go with the more “hard core” stuff ha-ha. But not really. This is just two products I got from the States to help improve my Symptoms. They are going to help me get back to a healthy normal. My normal, which is a lot different then yours, I’m sure. Every ones normal differs however, mine is never an even keel it is either, really HIGH or really LOW.

So this journey is my attempt to get to a somewhat normal level. I think I will always be a bit higher but I wish to get the lower stuff out of my way. Out of my life. Gone and gone for good. I will not give in to this disease. I will work will it. I will use it. I will make it my advantage in life not my downfall.

Now, you have heard this line in different forms from me because I truly feel that all this stuff is going to cure me. If I can can’t cure it today or tomorrow or even this year, I will not give up my attempt.This disease is powerful and nasty at times. But I will always perservere. I will always come back from a depression and work harder the next time to BEAT this.  Now I don’t assume I will get better right away but I feel like I can and will beat this eventually. Now with this disease our brains are so deficient in many things but to main things I have learned in the past few weeks are we are very low in “Lithium” and as well when High or Low our brains are “inflamed” So how to you fix these to major problems. Well here is my attempt to help you learn a little bit about why the brain is like this at times of need or desperation or whatever your feeling of “need” is at the time.

1.)Lithium: lithium is a heavy metal in the brain that helps produce serotonin which helps make you happy now when you are very low in lithium you produce a lot less serotonin which in turns makes you sad o depressed or Really depressed. So the flip side is having to much lithium and feeling Very high or Euphoric may be a better word for this sensation. A feeling where you can do anything, learn anything, be anyone. do everything and anything you’ve ever wanted. Buy, see, Go, Run, Play anything you ever thought you could do, you can do now. So how do we control these extremes you ask?lithuum

Well PhD John G shows a way to use lithium orotate at non toxic levels to help get the balance you need of lithium in yor bain, Not to much or not to little. You need to control it to get a happy medium. To get to a blance that you can handle. You and your body can work with. Can manage together. So how do you do this?

Well it is not easy. Everyone needs a different amount of lithium, So you try taking small doses and then if that doesent help add a little more. Now lithium orotate is not the lithium carbonate you are prescribed at the doctors, which has to be taken at toxic levels to have any affect hence, why I will not take that kind of lithium. However and do your own research as always, Lithium orotate is a vitamin, it is not harmful as you do not need to take it in toxic levels, You take it as you need it. And you don’t need it everyday. Some days you may feel fine and not need to take it. But you watch it, you gauge your feelings and most importantly you write it down, You keep a journal of how its making you feel. You talk to someone about it. Someone your trust someone who can see how you are. If you are getting better or worse. So Please do your own research on this Lithium Oroate and as always DO NOT add this to an already daunting amount of prescription drugs. Please talk to your doctor if you are wanting to get off some of those nasty antidepressants. And try a new way. But don’t just stop anything. Please make sure you talk to someone about this first. As always I am not a doctor of PhD. I only give my thoughts and oppinions. However, I am going to try this and will try and keep a blog post about updates on how I am feeling. Okay so second things I am going to try:

Aloe Vera Supplements. So as I have explained before a little bit about this supplement and the easiest way to describe it is just as this: ” If you had a sunburn and it was inflamed would you not use aloe vera to bring that inflammation down, well of course you would.” So if you have swelling in your brain would you not use something to try and bring that down. Well I think if you knew that was what was happening you would. So a lot of the times in our HIGHS and LOWs the brain gets very inflamed and irritable so we need to watch this we need to protect our brain as our mind is so important to us. It is what helps us learn and get better. So by taking this aloe very supplement you are getting this inflammation helping agent going straight to the brain where it is needed. And by taking this 3 times daily for up to 3 months or more you will bring down that inflammation significantly and in turn will see improvement on how you feel. Just like an autistic kid needs it, you to as well need this. There is other ways to get the inflammation down but you need to see your doctor for more information on this. As I am not educated enough to tell you about that process. But please look into this amazing new supplement called : Aloe Vera (Pill). There is more then one brand, try and find something as high in mg of aloe vera per capsule as you can as the more you get the faster the inflammation will go down. As always, do your own research.aloe



Until Next Time,


Dori ❤


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    I Solemnly Swear That I am Up To No Good,

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