Cancer: Ugh, Do We All Have This in Our Bodies at Some Point in Our Lifes?

Hello friends,

d85edd4f8e18f424971f0441ce1b7d53Took the day off from writing yesterday as I was very busy at work and doing other fun things. He-he

Anyways so what I have learned in the last few days. I will try to keep this one short. But I do have some cool and not so cool things to tell you all.

So here it goes. This is based on a few you-tubes of John Gray PhD I watched the other night.

Link to one is here:

Anyways, Basically it is telling us that we all have that nasty cancer shit in our bodies at some point. Whether or not it does any harm to our bodies is another story. So in a nutshell. Cancer is a nasty disease that turns our Red blood cells (which are the good ones) into White blood cells( which are bad very bad).

When our red blood cells are turning more white then red we then need to begin to worry. Well don’t panic just yet but make sure you get these little things checked out as cancer can spread very fast if you don’t keep it under control and by that I will explain.

When we get older around 40 or so our bodies begin to change a lot as they do at other stages in our lives. But at 40 being on average we all will at some point have cancer in our bodies.

Now, how or if it effects you is another story.

As children and young adults we are told by society that we need to take things like Tylenol for headahces or advil or anything just to make the flu or pain or headache or inflammation down. So over time, our bodies and immune systems become dependant on these toxic drugs to heal ourselves. So our immune systems begin to fail as we get older and they rely on all these prescriptions that doctors give us today. See a naturopath about this if u want to learn more. As I am no doctor I just learn and read. So to go further into this.

Three major drugs or prescription that can kill or create tons of problems like cancer, auto immune disorders, etc. Are: Heart Pills for High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure, Diabetic Pills, and One more(can not remember) I think its cholesterol pills. Better check that third one out. John Grays talk on : “Three Drugs that kill” on You-Tube, will educate you the most.

All these bad horrible diseases we are seeing more and more in society today. Now why is that? What could possibly be different?

Well my thoughts are things that we eat. We are not providing our brains and bodies with a healthy enough diet. We are not giving our bodies what they crave. What they need to help us.

Not enough supplements and good organic fruits and veggies and good orangaic meat. Not enough of anything to let our bodies run sufficiently on their own.

So this is a little hard and it will take time. But if you work slowly to change little things everday or week or month. You will see little improvements.

If you try hard to watch what you eat and how much of it, you will be surprised how much weight you can lose and how much healthier you will feel. Now this is very hard for a lot you as you have full time jobs kids ect. But,

There are little things you can do to drastically change your circumstances and/or your nutritional value and diet in a day:

  • Eat smaller meals every 2 hours
  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar everyday
  • Have as much coconut oil in a day as you can handle
  • Take Vitamins that will help you
  • Find Out and Learn what your body needs and craves
  • Check SUGAR content in all things you buy ( as Sugar is DEADLY to our bodies)
  • Use sweeteners such as stevia and or coconut sugar
  • Use Honey in Baking instead of Sugar
  • Drink Soda instead of pop ( POP IS THE WORST THING EVER FOR YOUR BODY) *Please do your own research on sugar content and acid in pop and or diet pop. ( it is truly disgusting *Aspartame and MSG* Is HORRIBLE) Please be aware of this

So that is my little rant for tonight. Thank you for listening.

Until Next Time,


Dori ❤


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Hello Everyone, My name is Dori and I am 28 years old. I have 3 wonderful sisters, one older, one younger, and a twin sister. I have 2 amazing parents. I also have an amazing boyfriend. Who will one day be my husband. We enjoy activities such as running, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, biking, fishing, golfing, soccer and many more. I love sports and am very athletic. Some of my favourite sports to play now are: Soccer, Golf, Snowboarding (soon to enjoy) I love to read, write, and learn. Hence why I have decided to join a blog. I am a restaurant manager/ server at a golf course ive worked at for 4 seasons now and I love it:) I will write more as I go on this site. But that is just a little bit about myself. Look forward to reading, learning, and writing as well as anything else this site has to offer :) Love, Dori
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