Chapter.9- “Heres to A New Thing or Fling”

love-13Jody and Kaleigh and Tarah all got ready together that particular Wednesday night.

They laughed together, drank wine, and talked and gossiped like all girls need to do.

They were all done there first round of finals and it was time to celebrate. Time to take a break and let go for one night. A night to live, love, and forget.

The girls all got ready at Jody’s place as usual. She used to always drive Kaleigh and Tarah out and then of course they would find a ride home if Jody decided to have drinks.

“Might as well make it a good night right?” Kaleigh thought to herself as they were leaving the house.

So it was your typical girls night out. Drinks, Dancing, Laughing, Fun and ALOT of fun these girls had together. Always.

They met up with other friends from school that night. Planning there map of the town for that night.

They always had their favourite bar which usually was rockin on Wednesday nights. So they planned to go out to this particular bar as it was a Wednesday.They knew everyone else would be out that night as well.

It was always destined to be an adventure. A memory. A time they would never forget. Something they would keep forever: together.

The girls took pictures and dressed up and made themselves someone else for the night.

Not someone who was so into doing well and excelling in school. But a person who could let go and have fun. And be FREE for a night.

As they entered the bar. Kaleigh immediately noticed him. That tall, dark haired, green eyed volleyball player. There, at the bar.

She instantly got nervous. And almost regretted coming as she was not intoxicated enough to be outgoing yet. She was shy when it came to this boy. She didn’t understand why as she usually was a very outgoing person. But he was different

He did this to her. He kept her quiet and shy. He kept her thinking and wanting. He kept her wondering. Wondering what he was like. What he liked. What he wanted. Why had he talked to her that day at school?

And so the night went…

To Be continued ( Chapter 10 to come) he-he Stay Tuned

Oops- This is Actually Chapter.9 Not 10 🙂 haha I am loosing track- to many blogs going 🙂

Until Next Time,




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