We Will Survive This. We Will Heal. We Will Trust. We Will Love Again. In Time.

Good morning friends,


Had a bad day yesterday, didn’t feel like writing a whole lot. Not sure how much I feel like writing today either. Don’t think this will be very inspired rather mad and trying to get some frustrations out.

Have you ever felt like someone is just trying to push you to a point they know you will break?

A point where they know you will give in to them and listen and be quiet and do as they say?

Have you ever been scared?

Been convinced you were right. Only to be told you’re not over and over?

This happens to much.

We need to feel safe in order to trust. In order to feel okay. In Order to feel love or compassion or anything.

If we feel scared or in danger we ” fly.” We run because that is what our bodies tell us to do.

As if you were being chased by an animal your body responds and runs and panics. It’s “Fight or Flight.”

It’s human instinct.

It does not matter if the danger is not really there.

Your body knows when your heart rate increases enough to put you into a panic and then it responds accordingly.

So In saying that, everyone responds differently to there situations or circumstances.

Men and women especially.

Men can take a lot more and not get scared. They can handle being yelled at or being beat up or being hit and they will be okay. They will overcome and move on. Women will not.

Women are fragile even if they don’t seem it at the time. Women need to be talked to differently. Women feel way more then men. They think 5 ways about a situation rather then 1. They need time to process and argument not be threatened. Being threatened only enhances their panic and need to get away from the argument or situation. They need to be alone.

Women need so much more then just a reason. A plea an apology it a reason why what someone else did was okay.

They don’t want to here you’re sorry they want to know you care. They want to know you care about there feelings. And that what you did or what you said was wrong and no okay. That you care about her and care about how you scared her and how you treated her. And that it was not okay. Because she is not your ” buddy.” she is not your ” business partner.”

She is a friend. A lover. A partner. A wife. A person who cares unconditionally for you until you take that from her. Until you convince and constantly bring her down and don’t tell her. Don’t talk to her. Don’t show her affection.

Women react to these things in a panic in a constant loop of the worst possible sceneries. Mainly ” what the fuck did I do to make you so mad?”

Whether it was our fault or not does not matter. It is what we are thinking always.

So we try and try to find out and they resent and get mad for it. But we NEED to know. We have to. We will not stop until we find out. And does that mean we are nagging and we are inconsiderate of your feelings?

The answer is ALWAYS, no.

When you love someone all you want to do is help in any way you can. And us women give and give until we can’t anymore. Until we to break down. And we fall apart. And we cry. And we think. And we loose faith. And once again we break. We fail. And we can’t be told we are wrong or stupid or different or not good enough anymore. We to shut down and turn our feelings off because they are to much now. They are to hard to handle. So we protect ourselves and take a break. We need time! And then…

We give up on love once again. We give up on trust. We give up on what we once thought was safe and was the place for us.

And over time. Lots of time. We heal. We pick up the pieces we broke. And we learn to trust and love again.

Until that day. We think. We learn. We try. We avoid. We stay busy.

We  to are only human but we are “warriors.”

We build shields and protections in our own way. We will not be broken. We will not let our guards down in times of need. We will SURVIVE!

Songs to Help:

Until next time,





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Hello Everyone, My name is Dori and I am 28 years old. I have 3 wonderful sisters, one older, one younger, and a twin sister. I have 2 amazing parents. I also have an amazing boyfriend. Who will one day be my husband. We enjoy activities such as running, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, biking, fishing, golfing, soccer and many more. I love sports and am very athletic. Some of my favourite sports to play now are: Soccer, Golf, Snowboarding (soon to enjoy) I love to read, write, and learn. Hence why I have decided to join a blog. I am a restaurant manager/ server at a golf course ive worked at for 4 seasons now and I love it:) I will write more as I go on this site. But that is just a little bit about myself. Look forward to reading, learning, and writing as well as anything else this site has to offer :) Love, Dori
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