City Council Vote: ” What’s True and What’s Not?”

Kamloops1 Kamloops2 I copied and pasted a few answers to a few questions from some of the people who want to help run city council. Some sound so reassuring. Now how can we tell who is being honest and who is just saying “what we want to here?” There is no ‘tell-tale” way of knowing, but we can trust our opinions, our judgements, our research, and vote for someone who we believe will help bring economic change to our beautiful, growing city.

Here is a website I checked out this morning with a few questions and answers for  our council representatives ( trying to be) members:

Kamloops Votes 2014: Council candidates

Alexis Stockford Oct. 21, 2014 News No Comments

With the 2014 municipal election less than a month away, The Omega has created a multi-week rundown of your choice for mayor and city council. We put two questions to each candidate, and these candidates responded first. Check back next week for even more candidate responses.

The city will go to the polls Nov. 15. More informa­tion can be found on the City of Kamloops website at


(1) What is your platform and why should TRU students vote for you?

(2) What do you feel is the role of TRU and its students in Kamloops and, if applicable, how do you feel the university can become more integrated with the city?

Candidate responses:


-25 year history as a strong community volunteer
-18 year school trustee
-Independent politician
-Lifelong learner with honesty, integrity wanting to work for Kamloops citizens
Platform # 1 and #2 – Creditable jobs are available in Kamloops? B.C. resources manufactured in Kamloops?  See for full details.

(2) TRU staff and students have grown to become integral to our city.  The student experiences, studies, research and working with non-profit organizations and businesses is truly inspiring and helpful to all.  I have come to appreciate the ability to reach out to TRU staff and students offering their growing knowledge to support community agencies with win/win situations.  We are truly lucky as a region to be able to access and support the continuous learning occurring at TRU and should never take it or its students or staff for granted.  Connections should continue to grow providing much needed data and research for both TRU, city and beyond.

petersharp(1) I believe government must operate with the highest standards of integrity, and serve and respect all individuals. We have a bright future, with nearly everything in place to expand and grow; now we need new and expanded businesses, paying decent wages, so that individuals and families can set down roots.  I will support businesses, with a proven track record that will enrich the wellbeing of our residents.

(2) I believe that TRU is already an integral part of our community.  With the trades training facility, it is graduating hundreds of students for jobs in our region and elsewhere.  TRU has recently added a new law school, which is attracting even more people from all over Canada, and with a great reputation throughout the world, it enrolls hundreds of international students every year.  The University has world-class sports and Olympic swimming facilities that bring in thousands of visitors every year, including teams such as the B.C. Lions, because of its growth and partnership with the city.  In all, TRU enjoys an excellent partnership with the City, and the feeling is mutual.

alexandraproctor(1) Alexandra Proctor believes the role of a city councillor is to listen, to you her constituents and make sure your voices are heard on council.  Over 50 per cent of Canadians are under the age of 44, with less than 50 per cent voting – and yet 75 per cent of those over 65 vote. I would like to see Canada better led by visionary ideas and forward thinkers.

(2) TRU and its student population have helped build Kamloops’ reputation as the Tournament Capital. Alexandra has heard your calls for clean air and clean water and believes this is essential to growing this legacy.  Alexandra is thankful for the interconnectedness of university students in mentoring and fostering programs with small local business and believes the best decisions are made when we come together as a community and give equal weight to all voices. She and her husband, Colin, own and operate , a local eco-food company in the city of Kamloops. Talk to me: I’m listening. – “Giving YOU a Voice”.

peterkerek(1) My goal on council is to make life more livable for those who are facing the hardest economic circumstances. I will work towards reducing or eliminating fees for publicly operated programs and facilities, including public transit. In a country with so much wealth, there’s no need for so much poverty.

(2) TRU’s faculty and students should be accessed more regularly to help foster greater debate and discussion about the direction of our city and our society. There’s no larger institution in our area that is entirely focused on the dissemination of information and ideas. The international flavour of TRU can help bring forth philosophies and practices from abroad that, in turn, should help bring about a better understanding of our different cultures while also helping recognize the similarities in our collective desires. I would like to see city council address poverty, which is an issue too many students face every day.

kenchristian(1) I have served as a city councillor for the past three years and as a school trustee for 18 years before that.  My record in office shows that I make evidence-based decisions in the best interests of the majority of Kamloops residents.  I believe in job creation, lower taxation, sport tourism and affordable housing. Visit my website at, and vote for Ken Christian.

(2) TRU has been a great addition to Kamloops.  It has helped us shift from a resource based economy to a knowledge based economy.  My daughter is a current student in nursing and my son a former student in business.  I was a former arts student and I have received the Alumni Achievement Award for Community Service.  I support a potential downtown campus for TRU and I feel that will help integrate the university and its students with the greater Kamloops community.

mikeoreilly(1) TRU students have an economic impact of over $350 million annually to the Kamloops economy and I believe we need to invest back in our students. A key piece of my platform is investing back in our students by way of a new pedestrian crossing under the Summit Drive Connector and providing more housing options for students by way of legal basement suits. For more details on how I plan to invest in TRU students, please visit

(2) I believe the number-one way to integrate TRU students more with the city is the creation of a new downtown TRU campus. This will allow students to be more integrated in the professional business community. Along with a new downtown campus, there would need to be a new direct bus route from the downtown campus to the McGill campus. I not only believe in this idea, but I have been working on this idea as a board member for the Downtown Business Improvement Association.

dustinmcintyre(1) I intend to work to bring more doctors to town, I have stood in the drop-in clinic lines and I know how stressful it is seeing a doctor who doesn’t know your name. I believe creating a denser downtown core will improve the livability of Kamloops for students and keep TRU graduates in Kamloops. As a former TRUSU president, I know what it takes to represent students of TRU and I want to continue to do that in the Kamloops community.

(2) Having just graduated from TRU, I know better than any other candidate what students mean to Kamloops. We not only strengthen the economy, but we also bring culture. I am pleased the city of Kamloops is listening to TRU students and is putting an early polling station on campus. I think Kamloops offers many amenities invaluable to TRU students, for instance, the partnership between TRU, TRUSU and the city of Kamloops at the Tournament Capital Centre. I want to build on these partnerships to provide students with more access at a reasonable cost.

cherylphippen(1) I will work to expand the biking, hiking and walking paths within Kamloops in an attempt to link all areas of our city with the downtown core and the university.  I support projects that will bring employment opportunities for current students and future graduates.

(2) TRU’s role is to educate people in marketable careers. It is the work of city council to create a prosperous city that is able to provide those jobs.  I support an environmentally approved Ajax, which could employ future graduates of dozens of TRU programs.  I will also work hard to improve tourism within our city by focusing on development of our waterways and the property near the Rayleigh sports fields.  It is my hope that by expanding employment opportunities, TRU students will look to stay, play and live in our city.

bobdieno(1) I believe in fiscal responsibility and business development! As the past president of the Chamber of Commerce, I understand the importance of working as a team to build, grow and prepare our city for 2020 and beyond.

(2) TRU has become not only one of the largest employers but a great ambassador for Kamloops. I believe that as we develop and enhance new public buildings (such as the arts centre) we should partner with TRU to make the facility multi-use and have the ability for TRU to expand their programs to use the space. I also think the city should look at the business district directly around TRU (McGill corridor) and focus energy on attracting business that can work with and support TRU – both the facility and the students (e.g.: technical companies, research firms, etc.)

glenthompson(1) I believe that campaigns should be about ideas and issues.  My platform has three pillars that encompass this guiding principle: support for small business, good governance and growing a healthy, vibrant community.  I am promoting the creation of a small business committee and the appointment of a senior’s representative.  I believe that a full panel review of the proposed Ajax mine is required. I am opposed to the mine’s location.

(2) Universities are integral to building a strong democratic society, yet universities have been the victims of funding cuts year after year.  In B.C., students pay the highest student loan interest rates in the country.

These issues are within the provincial and/or federal jurisdiction, so why would a candidate running for council raise them? − Because an elected official is an advocate.  I believe that post-secondary education should be accessible and affordable.  I support a closer relationship between the city and the university and am open to engaging in dialogue about proposals such as expanding TRU to the downtown.

Not everyones answers. But a few that sound good on paper:  (Opinion): “NOW CAN THEY REALLY UPHOLD THESE PROMISES?”

We will have to trust and wait. Wait and see what these city council members do with the power they may one day receive. Because it is always ultimately about power right?

Or is it?

I really hope to a lot of things it is not. I really hope people can see past the power and greed and do what is right and what is good for our city.

Thanks for listening.

Until Next Time,




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