Trailers to Movies I would Love to See RIGHT NOW!

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fifty-shades-grey the_avengers_movie_2012-HD11Hello Friends,

It has been a few days. I have been so busy with doctors appointments, work, soccer, snowboarding. Getting my heart checked. Working on getting off a lot of supplements. Getting everything checked out as this time of the year is usually my worst.

I however, got the okay by my doctor to start excercising and doing all the things I love as much and whenever I want. I am so happy right now.

So here is some movie trailers I think some of you may enjoy and/or want to see as well:

Coming Soon:

Omg, so many movies! Christmas time is the bestest ever. I can not wait to see ALL of these 🙂 OMG #whowantstodomoviemarathonswithme #christmasisallaboutrelaxandenjoy

This is exciting,

Hope you enjoy,

Until Next Time,



About dori5011

Hello Everyone, My name is Dori and I am 28 years old. I have 3 wonderful sisters, one older, one younger, and a twin sister. I have 2 amazing parents. I also have an amazing boyfriend. Who will one day be my husband. We enjoy activities such as running, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, biking, fishing, golfing, soccer and many more. I love sports and am very athletic. Some of my favourite sports to play now are: Soccer, Golf, Snowboarding (soon to enjoy) I love to read, write, and learn. Hence why I have decided to join a blog. I am a restaurant manager/ server at a golf course ive worked at for 4 seasons now and I love it:) I will write more as I go on this site. But that is just a little bit about myself. Look forward to reading, learning, and writing as well as anything else this site has to offer :) Love, Dori
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