Chapter. 13 – ‘ A new way to look at life. ‘

imagesKaliegh slept fantastic that night.

Her dreams were dreams she would remember forever.

She could hardly wait for her day to begin and be over with so her evening could start.

She awoke to an angry sounding twin.

“Why do you have to move around so much in your sleep?” her sister asked.

“I am sorry, I didn’t  realize I was,” is all Kaliegh could say.

And so her day started.

Kaliegh got up and made breakfast then went for a run and to the gym. This was her daily routine for most mornings, unless she had early classes, which were only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

After her run she decided to get started on a few of her papers and maybe do some studying.

However, studying and writing proved to be harder then she thought as her boy was texting her all afternoon. Kaliegh decided to give up for the day.

Her and her best friend Jody were starting to get ready and have pre-drinks around 4. Kaliegh was very excited and grateful her best friend would be there. Jody played University soccer and knew a lot more of the varsity players then she did. This meant she wouldn’t feel so shy or awkward because Jody would be there. Jody was always very outgoing and great at introducing Kaliegh to new people.

It was finally time to get ready. As usual Kaliegh couldn’t find anything in her closet to wear so she headed to Jodys to scavenge her closet and get her make up and hair done. Jody was always good at that kind of stuff and always had a plethora of clothes to choose from.

Two hours went by quickly when Kaliegh and Jody were drinking and getting ready. They always had so much fun together. Laughing and gossiping way to much of course.

Eight O’clock came around fast and it was time to head downtown.

Jody’s dad always offered to drive us which helped them from having to get a cab.

We arrived at 830 and Kaliegh got those butterflies back again. But this time it was a good feeling and she was so excited to see him again…..

Chapter 14 to come 

Until next time,




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Hello Everyone, My name is Dori and I am 28 years old. I have 3 wonderful sisters, one older, one younger, and a twin sister. I have 2 amazing parents. I also have an amazing boyfriend. Who will one day be my husband. We enjoy activities such as running, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, biking, fishing, golfing, soccer and many more. I love sports and am very athletic. Some of my favourite sports to play now are: Soccer, Golf, Snowboarding (soon to enjoy) I love to read, write, and learn. Hence why I have decided to join a blog. I am a restaurant manager/ server at a golf course ive worked at for 4 seasons now and I love it:) I will write more as I go on this site. But that is just a little bit about myself. Look forward to reading, learning, and writing as well as anything else this site has to offer :) Love, Dori
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